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The Air Hockey computer game is based on simple and funny gameplay of its prototype - Air-Hockey classic game.
   You will get rich 3D graphics with beautiful special FX, smart computer opponent and familiar gameplay.
   The main task of the game is to score goals. Using your mouse you must hit the puck with the stick in such a way that you score a goal in opposite gates on the field. The winner is that who will score twelve goals.


  • Simple and funny gameplay
  • Three different game modes
  • Customizable pucks, stick and tables
  • Realistic physics model
  • Smart and active computer opponent
  • Really smooth and precise stick control
  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Customizable visual effects, such as motion blur, real time shadows and specular highlights
  • Various difficulty levels from easy to insane
  • Multiplayer game mode support

[Air Hockey Press release]

[Air Hockey Official forum]

System requirements:

  • Pentium II processor or greater
  • 3D accelerated video card
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP with DirectX 8 or greater installed


AirHockey 3D, Fight It! Catch It! -


Air Hockey Top Game Award Air Hockey Game Award

and many more...

The game is made with Pascal IDEA and based on CAST game engine.

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