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Space Shooter Games Collection

Oct 26, 2006

Yet another games collection: space shooter games!

Shooting Games Collection

Oct 26, 2006

We've just prepared a collection of best shooting games!

AirHockey 3D v1.82

Jul 16, 2006

AirHockey 3D has been updated. Multiplayer over internet is now available (beta state).

Rainbow Web Puzzle

Apr 20, 2006

An incredible Rainbow Web puzzle game has been added to our site. We hope you will enjoy it!

Scorch an Island Free Screensaver

Nov 15, 2005

A free screensaver on the subject of tank battles has been released.

Scorch an Island Update

Nov 2, 2005

A minor update (1.11) of SaI has been released. The update covers some stability and usability issues.

AirHockey Update

Aug 16, 2005

A minor update of AirHockey 3D has been released. The update fixes some issues with multiplayer mode.

Scorch an Island with Internet Play Support

Jul 27, 2005

Scorch an Island v1.1 has been released. Internet play support is now available.

AirHockey 1.8 Release

Jul 01, 2005

AirHockey version 1.8 has been released!

Scorch an Island Release

Jun 02, 2005

Scorch an Island v1.0 has been released! Click here to download.

Scorch an Island Beta Release

Apr 24, 2005

Scorch an Island is now available for open beta testing. You can download the game here.

Top Shareware Games of the Year 2004

Dec 15, 2004

AirHockey 3D is a one of the Adrenaline Vault Top Shareware Games of the Year 2004!

Scorch an Island site Launch

Sep 29, 2004

Our new game's - Scorch an Island - website has been launched!

Version 1.7 is Out!

Sep 02, 2004

Main additions: totally new sound design and music!

Another Review at Bytten

Aug 27, 2004

Here is the link. We can't refrain from quoting this:
"With all that said, this is the best Air Hockey game you'll find on the PC!"

Nice Review!

Aug 04, 2004

AirHockey 3D review at Cosmos Gaming.

20% Discount!

Aug 04, 2004

All Avalanche Team newsletter subscribers automatically getting a 20% discount on AirHockey 3D in august!

New Price

Aug 01, 2004

AirHockey's price is now $19.95

New Version

Jul 22, 2004

AirHockey 3D v1.6 has been released. The update featuring new table and tournament game mode.

3D Hockey's Rename

Jul 22, 2004

3D Hockey has been renamed to more relevant "AirHockey 3D"

The Price is Rising!

Jul 7, 2004

Starting from August 1 st, 3D Hockey will cost $19.95.

Version 1.52 Has Been Released

Jul 3, 2004

It's a minor update. Some improvement has been made.

Optimized Version 1.51 is Out

Jun 25, 2004

Time for optimization. 3D Hockey now works two times faster!

Version 1.5 is Ready. Its Main Feature is a Network Support.

Jun 20, 2004

The new version has a multiplayer support! Play 3D Hockey with a friend!

Version 1.2 is Done!

Jun 02, 2004

This is a huge update. It includes new field, pucks, sticks and even a new game mode!

New version Screenshots

May 17, 2004

Added some screenshots of the 3D Hockey version 1.2. The update itself will be released very soon.

Site Redesign

Apr 15, 2004

Avalanche Team site has been totally redesigned. Enjoy!

3D Hockey v1.06

Apr 12, 2004

3D Hockey version 1.06 has been released. Update includes new puck and sticks!

3D Hockey Update

Apr 02, 2004

3D Hockey has been updated to version 1.05. This update contains many improvements and new features.

3D Hockey First Release

Mar 18, 2004

3D Hockey v1.0 has released!

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